September 27, 2022

Wolves tackle first victory of the season

By Titus Stenberg
Farmer Sports Writer
Watford City hit the road to Belcourt last Friday and achieved their first victory of the season, defeating Turtle Mountain 29-13. Watford City senior running back Jason Hogue said, “It definitely felt great to finally get a win and it feels even better after barely losing to them last year.” Hogue was referring to the 24-18 heartbreaking loss Watford City suffered at Turtle Mountain last season.
“The locker room was pretty upbeat as you can imagine. It’s something the seniors have been looking for the past two seasons and finally their hard work paid off with a win,” stated Watford City head coach, Justin Johnsrud. He continued, “I think there was some optimism for the future as some of our younger players realized that they can overcome some obstacles and compete. Most importantly, from a coaching standpoint, was the comments about keeping it rolling and finishing the season strong.”

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