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NDRA Finals rides into town

One of the nation’s top 100 events happens this weekend right here in Watford City as the NDRA Championship Rodeo rides into town for two nights of great rodeo action.

Posted 9/07/11 (Wed)read more »

Watford’s school enrollment tops 700

It’s been a long, long time since Watford City has seen over 700 students enrolled in its school system. But the days of rising enrollment seem to be back and school officials couldn’t be happier.

Posted 8/31/11 (Wed)read more »

Farmers see big drop in yields

Usually farmers in western North Dakota are singing, dancing or even praying for rain. But this season many farmers seem to have changed their tune.

Posted 8/31/11 (Wed)read more »

Alexander to host 66th annual Old Settlers’ Day

Good times are in store for those who live in Alexander and its surrounding area as the community hosts its 66th annual Old Settlers’ Day celebration.

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City Council says “No more” to man camps

There won’t be any more temporary work force housing units going up within the city of Watford City or within the one-mile Extraterritorial Zoning Area (ETA).

Posted 8/24/11 (Wed)read more »

TR Expressway to hold annual meeting in Watford

With thousands of oilfield-related trucks now traveling U.S. Highway 85 on a daily basis, the number one question on the minds of area residents is, “What improvements are in the works for this highway?”

Posted 8/24/11 (Wed)read more »

Boom’n Bakken

5,000 new rigs to be drilled in the next two years

Posted 8/24/11 (Wed)read more »

School district braces for more students

Every dawn has its day. For a school system, that day is now, and the dawn is enrollment.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed)read more »

Rib lovers devour 3,000 pounds of ribs in an hour

Just like that Ribfest has come and gone, but it will have people smiling every time they think about the fun they had.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed)read more »

Overwhelmed and understaffed

During a time when the rest of the world is in an economic slump, western North Dakota is thriving in its own bubble.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed)read more »

City gets $12.3 million for infrastructure

Watford City will be able to expand its city water and sewer services to serve an ever-growing community thanks to a $12.3 million grant from the Board of University and School Lands (Land Board).

Posted 8/03/11 (Wed)read more »

New Alexander superintendent ready for school

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more good to come. After 35 years of dedication to the Alexander Public School, Murry Kline recently retired. To fill his place is Mike Klabo, a former administrator at Burke Central.

Posted 8/03/11 (Wed)read more »

The boom is here to stay

If you made it out to the Bakken Rocks CookFest, then you enjoyed good food, a fun atmosphere, music, and information on the oil industry’s activities in the Bakken oil play in western North Dakota.

Posted 8/03/11 (Wed)read more »

County’s taxable sales post 74 percent gain in first quarter

Watford City’s and McKenzie County’s economic activity continues to be among the most healthy in the state thanks in a large part to a very robust energy industry.

Posted 7/27/11 (Wed)read more »

Lunch wagons fill need for a quick meal

Many would agree that the oil boom has changed the face of McKenzie County, as well as the faces of those who now call this area home.

Posted 7/27/11 (Wed)read more »

Road construction projects move forward

The saying, Patience is a virtue, is a good one to keep in mind when it comes to battling the constant road construction around Watford City.

Posted 7/27/11 (Wed)read more »

Watford’s crime rate grows with more people

“What’s not going on here in the way of crime,” says Slade Herfindahl, Watford City Police chief. “From burglaries to civil and domestic disturbances to vehicle stops, we’re seeing it all. And the number of incidents is going through the roof.

Posted 7/20/11 (Wed)read more »

Larson brothers named county’s Emergency Responders of the Year

McKenzie County has more than its share of everyday heroes.

Posted 7/20/11 (Wed)read more »

Daycare shortage hurting everyone

To say that businesses in Watford City need workers is an understatement.

Posted 7/20/11 (Wed)read more »

County Fair opens Thursday

It is time to enjoy some “Summer Days and Country Ways” as the McKenzie County Fair comes to Watford City July 14 - 16.

Posted 7/13/11 (Wed)read more »