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Classic Cessnas fly into Watford City airport

Posted 9/11/19 (Wed)

Classic Cessnas fly into Watford City airport

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

While the Watford City Airport is usually busy every day with everything from small private planes to corporate jets flying in and out, last Thursday was extra busy as more than 30 classic Cessna 195s landed at the airport as the pilots and their families enjoyed a quick lunch before flying back to Bismarck where they were attending their national convention.
The pilots, who flew their classic planes to Watford City on Sept. 5, were from all across the United States and Canada and represented a unique group of pilots who enjoy flying their vintage airplanes.
“It takes a very confident and independent person that wants to operate planes like this,” said Kurtis Arnold, a long-standing Canadian member, sporting bright red high-top Converse shoes as he visited with fellow pilots.
Every year, the pilots and their families of the Cessna 195 group join together to celebrate their common love and admiration for the 1950s classic they all have come to share. Through the years, Cessna cultivated a diehard group of pilots as the years unfolded.
“This is the restoration of an aviation icon,” says Bob Simmers, president of the Bismarck Aero Club.
According to Simmers, the group currently has as many as 965 worldwide pilot members that include the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Canada and many more.

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