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Foster care seeks local families

Posted 6/27/18 (Wed)

Foster care seeks local families

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Donations to McKenzie County Social Services go a long way.  The foster care program is always in need of everything from foster parents to bath towels.
Desiree Sorenson, McKenzie County Social Services director, says that the county currently has 42 children in foster care. Most of those children are housed with foster parents outside of McKenzie County because there are so few foster families within the county.
“Foster parents provide stability to a child’s life when the parents of the child need to work on things,” said Sorenson. “The goal is reunification and the foster parents play such a vital role in helping to curb the trauma of the situation for children.”
Sorenson said that the foster care system could use more local foster families to help lessen the transition for children in McKenzie County who need to be placed in foster care.

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