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Krogen named W.C.H.S.Teacher of the Year

Posted 6/08/11 (Wed)

By Olivia Sundeen   
Farmer Staff Writer

And the award goes to... Eric Krogen! Krogen, who has been a Social Studies teacher at Watford City High School for two years, was recently honored as the school’s 2010-2011 Teacher of the Year. 
“From my perspective, Mr. Krogen is adjusting extremely well to Watford City High School,” stated Steve Holen, McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 superintendent. “Mr. Krogen had varied teaching experiences in other school districts and brought many good ideas and a unique teaching style to the high school.”
It is somewhat unusual for a teacher to receive such a prestigious award after only two years at W.C.H.S.
“It is nice to be able to give special recognition to such a new teacher,” stated Jay Diede, principal at W.C.H.S. “The other teachers recognized how much he really enjoys what he does and for that they decided to honor him.”
It is Krogen’s fresh ideas and teaching styles that make him a hit with the students and staff at W.C.H.S. after only two years.
“Mr. Krogen is not only a great teacher, but a great person,” stated Brady Lund, a recent graduate of W.C.H.S. “He cares for his students and their academic advancements. Plus, he’s fun to be around, which makes students look forward to his classes.”
And that is what Krogen wants to hear his students say during his time at W.C.H.S. He doesn’t just want to be a teacher. He wants to see every student succeed to their fullest potential.
“Hopefully during my years at W.C.H.S, I will be able to be a teacher who teaches students about the value of understanding U.S. history, economics, personal finance, and  the rest of the classes I teach,” stated Krogen. “These different subjects have an effect on their lives, so it is my duty to prepare them as best I can.”
Krogen not only challenges his students, but he isn’t afraid to take on a challenge himself. During an Economics class, Krogen and his students were discussing the different values men and women have. Krogen brought up the subject that generally men don’t care as much about their hair as women.
Brady Lund and Nick Liebel then proceeded to ask if they could give Krogen a mohawk.
“I basically said that if it was for a worthy cause I would let them give me a mohawk,” stated Krogen.
That led the students to challenge Krogen to get a mohawk if they could raise money to aid in relief efforts following the tornadoes in Alabama. Finally it was settled - if the seniors could raise $1,000, Krogen would get a mohawk.
Seniors scuttled around town collecting donations to give to the American Red Cross.
“Amazingly, they were able to raise over $1,900,” exclaimed Krogen. “It was a fun experience. But it is something I probably would not do again... I wasn’t a huge fan of the mohawk.”
The fundraiser was something that was a positive, educational, and helpful thing to do.
“It was nice to see that kind of support and effort by everyone involved in the fundraising event,” stated Krogen.
It is the small, random acts like this that make a teacher really stand out. It is fitting to say that Krogen is finding his role at W.C.H.S and exceeding staff, student, and community expectations.
“Mr. Krogen is a valued new asset to our teaching staff and is a welcomed addition to our community,” stated Holen.
 Diede and Holen both agree that W.C.H.S. would not be the same without Krogen’s efforts.
“Mr. Krogen is a creative and caring teacher who genuinely likes working with young people,” stated Diede. “He enjoys what he does and works hard to be prepared for class. He is always looking for ideas and activities to make his classes meaningful and interesting for his students. The students enjoy Mr. Krogen’s unique sense of humor and infectious laugh.”
The future looks bright for such a wonderful teacher. It will be exciting to see what other tricks Krogen has up his sleeve. It is safe to say, this won’t be the last time we hear about him.