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Sharing their “green thumbs”

Posted 4/03/19 (Wed)

Sharing their “green thumbs”

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Last week, several Watford City residents did what McKenzie County does best - helping out a friend in need.
For almost 40 years, Louise Arnold has run D & L Little Greenhouse near her home off of Highway 23, just before the Buffalo Hills turnoff. Alongside her late husband, David, Louise has received truckloads of seedlings every year in March. She re-pots the hundreds of baby seedlings in their own little pots and gets them growing for all the customers who will come and shop at the greenhouse for decorative pots of flowers and plants in May and June.
“I have bought my plants and pots from Louise every year since I learned of her greenhouse,” said Debra Bahnmaier, who worked alongside Louise as a teacher’s aide at the Watford City Elementary School for years.
“The greenhouse is Louise’s summer income,” Laura Dahl said. “She was an aide at the school during the school year and did the greenhouse after hours toward the end of school and through June.”
Just over a year ago, Louise started to feel ill. She finished out the school year and put in the hard work for the greenhouse season and then saw a doctor. She was diagnosed with cancer.

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