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Watford man arrested for beating woman

Posted 4/15/15 (Wed)

By Amy Robinson
Farmer Staff Writer

Thanks to tips and information provided by the community on social media sites, a 23-year-old Watford City man wanted for Felony Aggravated Domestic Assault on April 9, law enforcement officers had apprehended the suspect within a day.
“Tyler G. DeFoe was apprehended today,” stated the updated post of the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page on April 10. “Thank you to the public for all the tips and information leading to his arrest.”
DeFoe was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault - Domestic Violence, a Class C Felony, stemming from an incident on Monday, April 6. According to the court affidavit, at about 10 p.m. on April 6, DeFoe and Emily Anvid, DeFoe’s former live-in girlfriend, were speaking with each another at a local residence. At some point during their discussion, DeFoe became violent and began to strike Anvid in the face with a closed fist.
According to Anvid, she fell to the floor from the bed and when she stood up, DeFoe began striking her in the face again, at which point she fell to the floor for a second time. When she could not physically stand up, DeFoe began kicking Anvid on her body, including her head. After the assault, Anvid was instructed by DeFoe to clean up in the shower.
Anvid said DeFoe continued to strike her before she was able to get to the shower. And once in the shower, he continued to strike her in the face.
A McKenzie County Sheriff’s Deputy came into contact with the victim two days later on April 8, at the McKenzie County Hospital. At that time, the deputy observed the left side of Anvid’s face was severely swollen and her left eye was swollen to the point she could barely see out it. She could barely move her mouth to talk and it hurt for her to smile or talk.
Anvid told the deputy that she had not been able to eat much for the past two days because her jaw was so sore. The deputy also observed bruises on Anvid’s left shoulder, left shoulder blade, the back of her left arm, and on her left knee. The hospital physician informed Anvid that she had a fractured orbital bone on her left side.
DeFoe was scheduled for a bond hearing on Monday, April 13, and his next court appearance will be a Preliminary Hearing and/or an Arraignment on May 21, with Judge Schmidt presiding over the case.
DeFoe has an extensive criminal background in McKenzie County dating back to 2009. His history not only includes a handful of felony charges, but a long list of misdemeanors, traffic citations, and city violations. His wrap sheet includes theft, burglary, drugs, disorderly conduct, leading a criminal association, and includes his most recent charge - aggravated assault.