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Watford schools continue to provide lunches to students

Posted 3/25/20 (Wed)

Watford schools continue to provide lunches to students

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

When it was announced on the evening of March 15 that all schools in North Dakota including McKenzie County School District No.1 were suddenly shutting their doors for the upcoming week to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it left many wondering about the children who depend on daily school lunches for much of their food intake. Without hesitation, a couple of community members were able to gather the resources to have a location to offer more than 600 lunches as more than 20 local businesses stepped in to aid the contribution.
“After it was announced that there was no school, my first thought was what are the kids thinking?” says Ricki Cook. “Like, I’m sure they’re glad to miss school. But also they are wondering where their meals are going to come from?”
As a Watford City Elementary School special education teacher, Cook says it gave her an inside look as just how much students really depend on their school lunch to sustain them.
“Getting everything arranged was challenging,” Cook says. “And getting them handed out wasn’t the easiest thing to do right away.”
As Cook got in touch with all of the staff of the school cafeteria, things began to come together, Cook says. Within hours, more than 600 meals were made and handed them out.

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