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W.C.H.S musicians get once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at ‘Big Muddy’ music festival

Posted 5/01/19 (Wed)

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Earlier this month, band students of Watford City High School had the opportunity to participate in the ‘Big Muddy’ music festival in Mandan
“I got a hold of the other Class A schools asking - what do you guys do in this part of the state to help improve your band members?” says Mike Housel, W.C.H.S. music director. “We wouldn’t have gone out and performed this year if I wouldn’t have found the Big Muddy.”
After gaining knowledge of the event, Housel put a plan together and joined with Mrs. Anna Schwartz, another music instructor, to hold auditions.
“We told them - if you practice all this week, we’ll hear you again on Thursday, but that’s your very last chance to be heard,” says Housel. “Mrs. Schwartz and I pushed the envelope for several weeks as we listened to them and got them motivated to go.”
According to Housel, the students were given material to practice three months prior through ‘Smart Music,’ a program that allows students and instructors to get work done and reviewed virtually.
“This is one of those things where we wanted to sound our best, showing the students what there is to offer out there,” says Housel. “For students who busted their humps to do everything they could and deserved the right to go.”

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