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Woman charged with stealing nearly $6,000 from local restaurant

Posted 8/22/18 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Kay Detienne is facing a Class C Felony charge of theft of property after her arrest by the Watford City Police Department on Aug. 16.
According to court documents Detienne is alleged to have stolen $5,597 from the Little Missouri Grille by using an employee meal credit since December of 2017.
From December until June, Detienne charged the restaurant for 500 meals over the course of 171 days. The affidavit, filed with the Northwest District Court, noted that if a customer paid for a meal in cash, Detienne would return their change, then use her employee meal discount to subtract $10 from the bill. Detienne would keep the $10 and her till would still ring out correctly at the end of the night.

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