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Watford girls win New Salem Invitational

Posted 5/08/13 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Watford City’s varsity track teams had a busy week as they competed at the Badlands Conference Meet in Beach on May 2 and then headed to Bismarck on Saturday for the New Salem Invitational.
At the Conference Meet, the Watford City boys team took fourth out of 15 teams, while the girls took seventh in a field of 15 teams.
Tyler Bates qualified for State in the 200 meter dash with a time of 23.24 while coming up just short of a qualifying time in the 400 meter dash.
“It was good to see Tyler Bates get going and qualify in the 200 and just miss qualifying the 400,” stated Dave Gumke, boys’ head coach. “Reid Brown also had a good day while throwing a personal best in the Javelin. He just needs another 17.5 feet.”
On the girls’ side, Asha Smith won the 3,200 meter run with a state-qualifying time of 11:36.28, while Ricki Lindley took first place in the triple jump with a leap of 34’5”.
Badlands Conference Meet - Boys Varsity
200 meter dash: 1. Tyler Bates, 23.24 (SQ).
400 meter dash: 1. Tyler Bates, 52.50.
800 meter run: 6. Guy Ross, 2:14.96.
Pole Vault: 5. Logan Gumke, 10’6”; 7. Trevor Alveshere, 9’6”.
Triple Jump: 7. Dillon Smith, 38’8”; 8. Brandon Stoker, 37’ 8.5”.
Shot Put: 7. Andrew Sampsel, 39’0”.
Javelin: 4. Reid Brown, 142’6”.
1,600 meter relay: 3. (Brandon Stoker, Dustin Kleppen, Guy Ross, Tyler Bates), 3:41.70.
3,200 meter relay: 3. (Dustin Kleppen, Bradly Wilson, Dillon Smith, Guy Ross), 9:06.65.
Badlands Conference Meet - Boys Junior Varsity
“The JV athletes had a good day placing in many of their events, and finishing in second place,” stated Gumke. “They are starting to get better, and hopefully, they can see that they can get to where they can help the team at a varsity meet.”
100 meter dash: 6. Justin Schwartzenberger, 12.96; 7. Kyle Cook, 13.62.
200 meter dash: 3. Bradly Wilson, 25.80; 7. Trevor Alveshere, 26.68.
400 meter dash:  2. Oliver Hermanson, 1:00.22; 5. Justin Schwartzenberger, 1:02.85; 7. Trevor Alveshere, 1:04.31; 8. Kyle Cook, 1:06.16.
1,600 meter run: 2. Michael Brown, 5:28.23.
3,200 meter run: 1. Michael Brown, 12:00.12.
300 meter hurdles: 1. Trevor Alveshere, 51.14.
High Jump: 3. Bo Cook, 5’0”.
Long Jump: 5. Bo Cook, 16’0”.
Discus: 3. Nick Valenzuela, 96’6”.
Badlands Conference Meet - Girls Varsity
“As the season is winding down, it is great to see the times and distances that the girls are putting out there,” states Greg Brown, girls head coach. “They are still working extremely hard to get better. It is fun to see the young girls mixing and competing with the older girls and helping us out at track meets. As we come to the end of the regular season next week, I see great things happening.”
400 meter dash: 7. Lea Arndt, 1:08.40.
1,600 meter run: 5. Addison Sundeen, 6:15.05; 7. Jessica Brown, 6:40.24.
3,200 meter dash: 1. Asha Smith, 11:36.28, (SQ); 8. Kara Wold, 14:45.18.
400 meter relay: 8. (Bridget Allex, Uranna Bascom, Bailey Moen, Ricki Lindley), 56.07.
800 meter relay: 6. (Lea Arndt, Hayley Moe, Uranna Bascom,  Ricki Lindley), 1:56.80.
1,600 meter relay: 5. (Bridget Allex, Hayley Moe, Asha Smith, Lea Arndt), 4:33.03.
3,200 meter relay: 4. (Addison Sundeen, Kara Wold, Asha Smith, Lea Arndt), 10:57.44.
High Jump: 3. Hayley Moe, 4’9”; 6. Jessica Brown, 4’7”.
Long Jump: 5. Ricki Lindley, 14’6”.
Triple jump: 1. Ricki Lindley, 34’5”.
Badlands Conference Meet - Girls Junior Varsity
100 meter dash: 8. Emily Segneri, 16.25.
400 meter dash: 7. Emily Segneri, 1:19.98.
Shot Put: 2. Alli Mogen, 27’3.5”.
Discus: 2. Alli Mogen, 83’10”.
New Salem Invitational Track Meet - Boys Division
Bus problems very nearly kept the Watford City track teams out of the New Salem Invitational in Bismarck on Saturday. But thanks to other schools and parents, the team was able to get to the meet.
“We feel very fortunate to have been able to compete at this meet because of bus problems on the way,” stated Gumke. “Thanks go out to Beulah, Dickinson Trinity, and parents that helped us get the athletes and coaches the rest of the way to the meet. Also to Randy Cranston and Jim Svihovec for making the phone calls and arrangements to get us connected with a ride the rest of the way there and home again.”
But after the drama of getting there was over, the boys team had an excellent showing placing fifth out of 26 schools with Tyler Bates qualifying for State in the 400 meter dash.
“Guy Ross ran an exceptional 800 meter just missing qualifying by time,” stated Gumke. “He is starting to get in shape and running well.  And Tyler Bates, who just missed qualifying the 400 meter on Thursday at the Badlands Conference Meet, got it done in Bismarck.”
Overall, Gumke was very pleased with the way his athletes are improving considering the few meets that they have had this spring.
“While still shy of the state qualifying mark of 12 feet, Logan Gumke set a new personal best in the pole vault at 11’0”,” states Gumke. “And Michael Brown, who is only a freshman, ran well in the 800 meter and 1,600 meter. He has the potential to be an under-five-minute 1,600 meter runner by the end of the year and his time in the 800 meter will help our 3,200 meter relay.”
100 meter dash: 2. Tyler Bates, 11.64.
400 meter dash: 2. Tyler Bates, 51.75 (SQ).
800 meter run: 1. Guy Ross, 2:05.14.
1,600 meter run: 8. Michael Brown, 5:13.67.
3,200 meter run: 8. Braedon Gumke, 12:25.89.
Pole Vault: 5. Logan Gumke, 11’0”.
Triple Jump: 7. Brandon Stoker, 37’2.25”.
Javelin: 6. Reid Brown, 136’6”.
400 meter relay: 7. (Brandon Stoker, Reid Brown, Bo Cook, Bradly Wilson), 48.86.
1,600 meter relay:  5. (Brandon Stoker, Bo Cook, Oliver Hermanson, Guy Ross), 3:51.23.
3,200 meter relay:  4. (Rait Elliot, Braedon Gumke, Devin Schmitz, Cole McGorman), 10:44.91.
New Salem Invitational Track Meet - Girls Division
On the back of first place finishes by Asha Smith, McKayla Haugeberg and Ricki Lindley, Watford City’s girls varsity track team captured first place at the New Salem Invitational, which was held at the Bismarck Community Bowl.
Smith posted a state-qualifying time to win the 800 meter run, while Haugeberg qualified for State in the long jump, pole vault and javelin.
Lindley, who had earlier qualified in the triple jump took first place at Bismarck with a leap of 35’4.5”
800 meter run: 1. Asha Smith, 2:21.61 (SQ).
3,200 meter run: 4. Addison Sundeen, 13:29.59; 8. Kara Wold, 14:47.68.
400 meter relay: 5. (Kennidy Chapin, Kara Langerud, Bridget Allex, Ricki Lindley), 55.11.
800 meter relay: 7. (Kennidy Chapin, Mikka Haugeberg, Bridget Allex, Avery Sundeen), 1:59.95.
1,600 meter relay: 2. (Kennidy Chapin, Asha Smith, Kara Langerud, McKayla Haugeberg)
3,200 meter relay: 4. (Addison Sundeen, Brittany Sandvik, Morgan Rolfsrud, Jessica Brown), 11:09.62.
High Jump: 8. Jessica Brown, 4’5”.
Pole Vault: 1. McKayla Haugeberg, 10’6” (SQ).
Long Jump: 1. McKayla Haugeberg, 16’8” (SQ); 4. Ricki Lindley, 15’11.5”; 5. Kara Langerud, 15’11”.
Triple Jump: 1. Ricki Lindley, 35’4.5”.
Javelin: 1. McKayla Haugeberg, 127’10” (SQ).