June 4, 2024


By Scott Hennen
Host of “What’s On Your Mind?” Radio Show
 heard on the Flag Family Network including KTGO 1090AM in Watford City, Williston and Tioga, North Dakota

The buzz surrounding North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s chances to become Donald Trump’s choice as his Vice Presidential running mate is growing. It’s very possible. Trump’s own words give us a window into how that decision may play out. At a massive rally recently in New Jersey, with 107,000 people in attendance, Trump introduced Burgum by saying “He’s a very smart person, who’s made a lot of money but he knows more about energy than anybody.” Then he added, “Get ready for something, OK? Get ready!” What do you suppose Trump was telling us to “get ready” for?
Burgum has become one of the most articulate defenders of the former President. He was in a New York courtroom with Trump recently and warned that Americans should be very concerned about what is happening. Burgum said “Every American should be afraid or scared because if you can take a business filing records case and magically turn it into 34 felonies, that’s so wrong. That’s why these things are misdemeanors with the statute of limitations for two years and here we are seven years later, trying to manufacture something out of this. The whole thing has been a travesty of justice.”

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