August 18, 2020

2020 census needs you

2020 census needs you

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

When it comes to determining the quality of life in McKenzie County, it starts with you, and whether you have completed the 2020 census. The populous-based questionnaire has long-lasting implications that determine federal funding for years to come. And those funds are dictated by the number of people residing in McKenzie County at least 51 percent of the time. And how many are counted.
“Every person that we miss in the census results in $19,100 of lost federal funding to our community over the next decade,” says Vawnita Best, Watford City Community Development director.
As of July 30, a team of census surveyors have set out on the streets aggressively going door to door in order to ensure that as many people as possible are accounted for.
“They call them door knockers,” laughs Best. “And they are out!”
Even if you have already completed the 2020 census, Best is asking everyone to open their door anyway if a surveyor does happen to make their way to your doorstep.
“They may be asking you information about your neighbor’s household to get a count or a number,” says Best.
This year, surveyors are going the extra mile by working with apartment managers in order to obtain occupancy lists as well as having managers mark the doors of occupant apartments in order to increase efficiency, Best says.

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