April 21, 2020

A journey of faith

A journey of faith

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

At a first glance, it might be easy to assume that Matt and Brittney Isenhower are newlyweds based off the freshness in their admiration for each other. As Matt lives out his dream of becoming a police officer for the Watford City Police Department and Brittney enjoys the best of both worlds as a mom that works from home in Watford City, the couple will soon celebrate 12 years together.
But it was becoming teen parents in their early years that keeps the pair faithfully grounded in gratitude when they look back on how far they have come.
“We didn’t want to be the people that were going to take the easy route in life,” says Brittney Isenhower.
Growing up in Crystal, Minn. was nothing out of the ordinary for the couple who met in the 8th grade while attending Robbinsdale Middle School. As the two teenagers entered high school, their friendship would blossom into more than puppy love and eventually take on premature priorities after Brittney became pregnant with the couple’s first child at the young age of 17.

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