December 23, 2019

Bringing Christmas to the inmates

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Dec. 24, multiple  ministries from Watford City and the region joined together to bring a warm dinner to the inmates of the McKenzie County Correctional Facility.
“It’s a stressful time of the year for  inmates to be away from their families and those responsibilities,” says Travis Olson, McKenzie County Correctional Facility administrator.
Which means it’s also a time of the year where suicide becomes more prevalent, Olson says, as well as an increased susceptibility to developing depression for the inmates.
“Any uplifting services that can be provided through approved volunteer staff really boosts their morale,” Olson says.
Due to the high-security measures which are strictly enforced in jails, Pastor Barb Becker of Glory of the Lord Family Ministries, was unsure if the ministry team would be able to be of service to the inmates on Christmas Eve.
“As part of the jail ministry team, the members would go into the jail once a week to conduct a church services at one point,” Becker says.
The jail ministry was started by pastors involved in the McKenzie County Ministerial, Becker says.

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