April 25, 2023

Burgum signs ‘Back the Blue’ bills with workforce grants, enhanced retirement benefits for peace officers

By Kyle Cornell
Special to The Farmer

A big step was taken in Bismarck last Tuesday, in helping those who have retired from law enforcement in North Dakota.
Governor Doug Burgum officially signed “Back the Blue” legislation enhancing retirement benefits for law enforcement and providing $3.5 million to help local agencies with workforce recruitment and retention, the latest in a string of bills designed to support active and retired peace officers in North Dakota and keep communities safe.
“In this time of extremely intense competition for workers in all fields, law enforcement is facing the same or tougher challenges as most professions when it comes to recruiting and retention,” Burgum said during a signing ceremony at the Capitol, noting North Dakota has an estimated 35,000 job openings and the nation’s lowest unemployment rate at 2.1 percent. “Our local law enforcement agencies work hard to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe, and they do that with our full support. House Bill 1307 demonstrates that ‘Back the Blue’ isn’t just a slogan in North Dakota. It’s actually the respect that we have and a way of life for North Dakotans.”

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