June 13, 2018

Businesses step up to keep Homefest alive

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Class reunions, live music and good food are some of the things that people have come to expect from Homefest weekend in Watford City. Homefest, which will be held June 22 and 23, has gone through some transition this year.
Last year the Watford City Area Chamber of Commerce put out the word that they needed businesses and groups to volunteer to sponsor and take over much of the heavy lifting for Homefest or Watford City may not be able to continue the event.
Upon hearing about the Chamber’s need of help with Homefest, several representatives from Main Street businesses came together to form the Downtown Association. The Downtown Association took some of the load of planning and carrying out Homefest from the Chamber. While the Chamber is still very much involved with Homefest, they are appreciative of the added help.

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