June 16, 2020

Children’s Fishing Derby has successful turnout

Children’s Fishing Derby has  successful turnout

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

“Just one more cast,” yelled Adilyn Larsen as she flung her bobber back into the Watford City Fishing Pond during the annual Children’s Fishing Derby last Saturday.
Larsen’s grandmother took a seat on the nearby park bench after her multiple attempts to pry her granddaughter away from the water had failed.
“She’s been casting on her own the whole time,” laughed Teresa Larsen.
Larsen resorted to another spot on the pond as she toted a bait bucket that revealed more goodies inside.
“She won that for catching the biggest trout. It was pretty long, about 17 inches,” said her grandmother as she motioned invisible dimensions with her hands.
While Larsen stood in full anticipation for her next bite, her grandmother informed her it was time to reel it in.

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