March 1, 2022

Council to look at Watford’s growing deer population

Council to look at Watford’s growing deer population

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

There are some things that come with the territory and for Watford City, it’s the growing deer population. So the question local residents have posed is at what point do they become too much?
“Deer within the city limits has  been an issue for decades,” says Mayor Phil Riely. “We expanded quick and we kind of inherited a certain population of deer.”
When you look at the full realm of problems the world has today, Riely might just tell you it’s one to have.  
“Last weekend, I took my motorcycle out and in a 20-minute ride, I probably counted 50 deer,” he says.
Needless to say, Riely says there’s probably 70 deer that see the city as their home.
“The deer move around so it’s hard to get an actual estimate. But our deer population has grown,” he says.  

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