January 24, 2018

County explores use of vote by mail

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

In an effort to increase the number of McKenzie County residents voting in the elections, as well as to reduce election costs, the McKenzie County commissioners are considering going to a vote by mail process in the upcoming June Primary Election.
According to Erica Johnsrud, auditor/treasurer, the trend of counties going to a vote by mail process has been growing across the state.
“Currently 32 of the state’s 53 counties are using the vote by mail process,” states Johnsrud. “Two other counties are going to vote by mail in 2018 and five other counties are considering it.”
Johnsrud says that there are several benefits to the adopting the vote by mail process, the primary reason being an increase of voter turnout, as well as making it more convenient for voters.

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