May 9, 2017

Disc golf receiving more attention

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

The disc golf course at the Watford City Tourist Park is getting a makeover. A new course layout, tee markers and a new map on display will, hopefully, draw more people to enjoy the disc golf sport this summer.
Years ago, Parks Supervisor Robin Arndt got the idea to put a disc golf course in at the Tourist Park. Disc golf is a game similar to golf that uses small discs thrown through a course to eventually land in a basket. The fewer the throws to get your disc into the basket, the better. Across the nation, disc golf has become more and more popular with courses almost everywhere.
“At the time we created the course, we didn’t have very much space so the course was only 6 holes,” says Arndt. “We were on a low budget, so I connected with the high school to have some of the students craft baskets for the course.”

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