May 9, 2017

Watford City honored as Tree City USA

Watford City honored as Tree City USA

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

A Prairie Expedition American Elm was planted at the Kent Pelton Nature Park on Friday, May 5, to honor Watford City’s 25th anniversary as being a Tree City USA community.
“Today, as your Lieutenant Governor, I congratulate Watford City for their achievement of 25 years as a Tree City USA,” stated Brent Sanford, former Watford City mayor. “Your labors have resulted in treelined streets, beautiful parks, lovely yards, and an inviting downtown area.”
The ceremony held by the North Dakota Forest Service drew hundreds of Watford City Elementary School students, as well city residents.
“It is a tremendous accomplishment to be recognized as a Tree City USA community for 25 years,” stated Larry Kotchman, North Dakota state forester. “There are only 48 cities in North Dakota and 3,400 communities nationwide that meet the requirements of being a Tree City USA.”

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