December 27, 2022

Housing board chairman addresses commissioners and proposes putting the Senior Mill Levy back on the ballot

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

“Could I write that in blood for you?” joked Michon Sax, board chairman of the McKenzie County Housing Authority, to the county commissioners who agreed to have large amounts of snow removed from the Hillside Court apartment complex in Watford City. Sax’s concern is that the massive pile-ups of snow that have accumulated at the complex are posing a threat to its residents, especially the elderly.
Hillside Court is located beside the McKenzie County Courthouse and offers housing, primarily for the elderly and disabled.
“I’ve almost fallen every single day this month,” she said.
Though she is not a resident of Hillside Court, it did not minimize Sax’s concerns for the people living there. She met with the commissioners last Tuesday, to address the overwhelming amount of snow and what it would take to get it removed not just in the near future, but on a regular basis.
“I am a prime example of the elderly and why you need to keep the snow away from buildings, and anything,” she said.

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