May 23, 2023

Jeff Reiter Returns Home

Jeff Reiter Returns Home

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

Jeff Reiter has lived many places in his life and worked at many financial institutions, but his home is in Watford City and he is excited to be back at Dakota West Credit Union (DWCU) for the rest of his career.
Many McKenzie County locals know Reiter from his previous time at DWCU, where he worked before spending time in New Town, but he is also well known for his time as a realtor during the oil boom.
“I remember showing up and there was only one realtor in Watford at the time…when I entered his office, he looked at me and said, ‘I am so glad you are here!’ because it was just way too much for one person to handle.
“It was a wild ride. We were crazy busy and everything was really fast-paced, and when I stopped doing real estate there were something like 700 agents in the county.”
While he spent a few years away from the banking industry, his passion for helping people in the financial sector won, and he returned to his original career field.
Reiter says that he wanted to be an artist, but his mother was worried that he would starve and suggested he go into accounting after reading an article about the high demand for people with those skills.

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