September 5, 2017

Klein’s removal hearing invoices are nearly $8,000

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Special commissioner Karen Klein’s invoice is in for McKenzie County Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger’s removal proceedings, and the county is being asked to pay the $7,962.15 the bill.
Klein submitted her invoice to the Governor’s Office on Friday, Aug. 25, outlining $2,600 in statutory compensation for court and writing days as well as about $5,300 in expenses for court reporters and mileage.
“We’ll be forwarding the invoice to the county for payment,” governor’s spokesman Mike Nowatzki said Monday, Aug. 28.
Former Gov. Jack Dalrymple appointed Klein, a retired U.S. magistrate, in early December. In late July, she furnished her recommendation to Gov. Doug Burgum that Schwartzenberger be reinstated with his suspension terminated and removal complaint dismissed.

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