September 5, 2017

Program feeds over 1,300 meals daily

Program feeds over 1,300 meals daily

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Bambi Shelley is bringing her experience as a retail manager and financial planner to the table as she tackles the complicated process of serving 1,300 school lunches a day.
“My mission has three parts,” said Shelley. “To feed the students and staff, to provide good nutritious meals, and to do both of those things within the budget.”
Shelley spent her first year on the job working out the kinks of the local school lunch program. She listened to feedback from parents and students, solicited ideas, scoured the internet to learn what other districts are doing, and attended several conferences on the subject.
With praises for her incredible staff at all three Watford City schools, Shelley talked candidly about the difficult job of feeding a record number of students this year.
A new program which began with the school year just days ago, is called the “share table.”

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