June 5, 2019

Last ride of the school year

Last ride of the school year

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

While other children decide on which car will be riden in to school, a group of girls at Alexander Public School has other plans in mind.
Since 2018, five students from Alexander Public School began taking their horses to and from school on occasion.
“When I was in high school, I had a group of friends that rode our horses together to Alexander school,” says Darcy Delaney.
Last year, Delaney reinitiated the idea by bringing it up to Paige, her daughter, one evening. Right off the bat, Paige was all ears.
“She’s such a horse lover, and loves to ride and spend time with them,” says Delaney. “So anything at all that has to do with horses, she’s all about it.”
At that point, Paige took it to her group of friends who ran it by their parents who gave them the thumbs up.
“We didn’t ask for permission from the school,” laughs Delaney. “We figured it was a form of transportation. And we didn’t ask permission when I was in school, so yeah.”
Last year, the group of girls rode  their horses to school. This year, they rode them from school.

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