January 17, 2023

Local parents outraged by alleged inappropriate lesson matter

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

The McKenzie County Farmer was informed that Watford City Middle School officials have fielded multiple complaints from parents of students in a fourth period health class, related to a sex education lesson in early January.
 In addition to the three parents that have been confirmed to have contacted the school, the McKenzie County Farmer has been contacted by multiple other members of the community concerned about this alleged incident.
School officials confirm, via a prepared statement, that during this particular classroom session, students were allowed to ask questions of the teacher and that those questions, some of which included sensitive content, were read aloud to the class. Parents claim the teacher also answered the questions, which included explicit topics such as the purpose and use of sex toys, the use of a sex swing, the dangers of unplanned pregnancies, and explanations detailing rape.

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