November 17, 2020

MCHS welcomes new urologist

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Last week the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, Inc. (MCHS) welcomed a new urologist, Dr. Robert Bates, to its Specialty Clinic, located in Watford City.
Bates specializes in a wide range of services that include treating kidney stones, kidney cancer, hematuria, incontinence, bladder cancer and vasectomies.
Bates brings 35 years of experience to the healthcare system and he hopes to take urology to the next level at MCHS. He previously practiced at the Jamestown (N.D.) Regional Medical Center.
“I took that opportunity five years ago and I told them I’m not your long-term solution,” states Bates. “I’m your short-term solution.”
Knowing how to start a practice and get it running, Bates says his goal of having someone take over the practice in Jamestown was eventually met, which opened the opportunity for him to come to Watford City.
“I reached my mutually agreeable retirement age,” jokes Bates.
Bates had planned to retire years before 2020. However, his passion for practicing urology has remained too strong, leaving him not quite ready to retire.
“Three other doctors and I had an agreement that we’d retire when we were 65,” says Bates. “Of course that was great when I was 35.”

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