November 9, 2022

New County Coroner appointed

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

After four years as the Assistant McKenzie County Coroner, on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022, Albert (Al) McGahn was officially voted the new McKenzie County Coroner by the county commissioners.
“I have been the acting coroner for a while now, so it isn’t much of a change,” McGahn said of his new title. “I am also a coroner over in Montana too, so I have a lot of experience.”
As a coroner, his job is to discern the cause of death for any unattended death, deaths under suspicious circumstances, or deaths that occur within 24 hours of admittance to the hospital.
Being a coroner can be a difficult job and it is often one that is hard to fill. It requires someone who has a college degree, and has training in death investigation among other requirements.
“I don’t enjoy the coroner work, especially when there are young people which has happened too often,” he said. But he also says he receives satisfaction when he does his duties and helps grieving families.

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