September 19, 2018

Old, new residents experiencing random acts of kindness

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Reports are coming in throughout the county of kind strangers paying for other’s checks in the drive-thru, check-out lines and restaurants. Paying it forward is gaining momentum and spreading kindness in its wake.
20-year-old Sabriyyah Dost, a clerk at Barrett Pharmacy & Variety saw one such moment last week when a man with dark, scruffy hair tried again and again to run his credit card to pay for an electric razor and a pill cutter.
“I knew he wouldn’t be able to pay for it, but I scanned it again anyway,” says Dost after the man’s fourth attempt to scan his card.
After the fifth failed attempt, the man informed Dost he’d be back. He needed to run to the bank.
When the gentleman returned, he stumbled upon the unexpected.
The woman behind him in line  had generously paid for his $79 worth of items.

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