October 18, 2022

Preschool teacher fills tag of a lifetime

Preschool teacher fills tag of a lifetime

By Patrice Bumstead
Farmer Editor

When 29-year-old Hannah Langerud called her husband, Dillon, to tell him she was selected for the Moose Hunt Lottery he did not believe her.
“He said, that is not something you lie to me about Hannah,” she laughed. “I literally had to forward him the paperwork from the N.D. Department of Game and Fish before he actually believed me.”
Hannah admits that she is not an avid hunter like her husband. In fact, the first time she hunted anything was three years ago, when she decided to try deer hunting.
After that, she began applying for a license to hunt anything she was qualified for that would help fill up their freezer.
According to the N.D. Game and Fish,  this year there were 25 licenses available in the unit and license type that Langerud applied for. They received 6,668 applications, giving her only a .003 percent chance of being selected.

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