May 18, 2021

Rieker releases children’s book, “The Most Unlikely Pair”

Rieker releases children’s book, “The Most Unlikely Pair”

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Last Thursday, children of Johnson Corners Christian Academy gathered around Sandy Rieker, a local resident, as she read her new book, “The Most Unlikely Pair.” As the book is geared toward children, its message is enlightening enough to captivate the attention of people of any age.
“It’s kind of a bit of a story in itself,” she says. “Once we moved up here to North Dakota, I started writing quite a bit of stories about things that happened on social media. People would just die laughing and my mom said, ‘you need to write a book’”
The book, which is based on real-life adventures, is illustrated by Cheryl Brown, a Watford City art teacher.
“When we had got our goat, Ruby,  she cried all day at first and then we got another goat, Hershey,” says Rieker. “One day, we were standing there watching them and all of the misfits at our farm were all eating out of the same trough. And I thought now that there is something that I know what to write about.’”

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