September 20, 2017

School district qualifies for Rapid Enrollment Grant

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Every day since classes began at Watford City’s three schools on Aug. 24, Steve Holen, McKenzie County School District No. 1 superintendent, has been carefully monitoring how many students are enrolled every day.
While the schools opened their doors to a record 1,554 students, Holen was most concerned with how many students were enrolled on Sept. 10, the magic date that the North Dakota Dept. of Education uses to officially determine how many students it will be paying per pupil payment on.
“We needed to see at least a four percent increase to qualify for the Rapid Enrollment Grant,” states Holen. “And with a nine percent increase, we more than met the qualification numbers.”
“We had 1,547 students on Sept. 10 by our count,” states Holen. “Last year, we had 1,424 on that date so we saw an increase of about 101 students.”
And those 101 students could mean an extra $400,000 in state funds to help the district met the needs of those additional students.

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