November 22, 2017

School looks at picking up portions of Rough Rider Center maintenance costs

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

In an effort to reduce its quarterly payments for its use of the Rough Rider Center (RRC) as well as to improve maintenance work at both the recreation facility and the adjacent Watford City High School, the McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 is considering taking over portions of the maintenance at the center.
“We believe that this would be budget neutral when you look at all the costs and the savings,” stated Steve Holen, school district superintendent, during the board’s meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 15. “It would be more beneficial to the Park District, but we are the major user of the Rough Rider Center.”
According to Holen, under the one-year proposal, the school district would hire the three existing RRC maintenance employees and Nick Segneri, the district’s maintenance supervisor, would oversee the maintenance of both facilities.

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