November 22, 2017

New gun range clears first hurdle

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

After a court injunction closed the Badlands Shooting Club’s gun range north of Watford City in October of 2014, the club set its sights on finding a new home. But the search for an appropriate piece of land that was not only convenient to Watford City, but that would also not pose any threats to nearby neighbors proved to be a problem.
But fortunately for the club, last spring Brooks Kummer offered the club a long-term lease on property he owned southeast of Watford City. And the club jumped on the opportunity.
The only problem was that in order for the Badlands Shooting Club to move forward with their plans to create a new shooting range, they needed to get approval from the county commissioners.
And last Monday, the McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Board gave its blessing to the creation of a Firearms Facility Overlay District after asking for a couple of tweaks in the language.
“The commissioners had questions earlier about the district,” stated Jim Talbert, McKenzie County Planning and Zoning director. “Everyone wants to see this happen. But we need to change the zoning ordinance so they (the gun club) can make an application.

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