March 28, 2023

Shark Tank investor lauds North Dakota opportunities

Shark Tank investor lauds North Dakota opportunities

Steve Hallstrom
Special to The Farmer

Kevin O’Leary, entrepreneur and media personality, known widely for his role on the TV series “Shark Tank,” predicts that North Dakota will soon lead the country in a key category of economic growth.
O’Leary has announced that his company, O’Leary Ventures, will be investing in multiple initiatives within the state, and sees opportunity in digital currency, agriculture, and tech startups. The state of North Dakota is, in turn, investing in O’Leary, entrusting $45 million in public money for him to lure businesses to the state.
Appearing on KTGO Radio’s (AM1090/FM 92.7) “What’s On Your Mind” program, O’Leary said of North Dakota, “It’s the greatest secret in America that nobody knows about, and I’m hoping to change all that. This is a remarkable state for pro-business policy, and we’ve got a whole competition going on in America about where money goes and it’s just getting more intense.

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