October 25, 2016

Sheriff controversy impacts state’s attorney hire

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

McKenzie County Commissioners have opted to continue accepting state’s attorney applications after their unanimous motion to petition the governor for Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger’s removal.
“It’s a huge responsibility and I just want to make sure we’ve attracted every possible candidate,” Commissioner Vawnita Best said at the commissioners’ Oct. 18 meeting, “and to be real candid, I don’t think anyone would step into this vipers’ den right now, and in a couple months, we might be in a different place and we might have an opportunity to attract other candidates that right now we won’t until a few things have cleared the air.”
Best and Commissioner Douglas Nordby formed a committee to interview four candidates for state’s attorney, including Acting State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz, Assistant State’s Attorney Charles Neff Jr., public defender Ty Skarda and former Dickinson city attorney Jennifer Gooss.

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