November 9, 2022

Specialists bring quality health care to McKenzie County residents

Specialists bring quality health care to McKenzie County residents

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

Over the last year McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, Inc. (MCHS) has recruited experienced doctors from around the country to provide localized health care options for residents of McKenzie County.
One of the needs that was recognized and prioritized was the need for general surgeons and specialty doctors in areas like ear, nose, and throat and urology.
As a growing rural community McKenzie County has been forced to drive over an hour for many procedures and driving three hours or more for specialty appointments was common.
As Chief Executive Officer of MCHS, Peter Edis recognized both the sacrifice of time and the financial strain traveling for appointments caused to individuals and families. He started the process of finding doctors that would provide excellent care and understand the challenges that come as a rural healthcare provider.
Through the dedication of many people at MCHS, patients can now receive a larger variety of both routine and emergency care locally through the ever-expanding services of MCHS.

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