October 25, 2017

Talking about bullying

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Among school-aged children, bullying can be defined as repeated aggressive and intimidating behavior from one student to another. Bullying continues over time and causes the student being bullied to feel unsafe and eventually unwilling to attend school due to the emotional impacts of the behavior.
“Bullying is everywhere and certainly not exclusive to our area or our generation,” said Dr. Steve Holen, McKenzie County District No. 1 superintendent. “The approach and serious nature of bullying has magnified over the years with the ability to continually bully someone 24/7 through social media.”  
The Ogle family experienced just that, continued bullying aided by social media with their high school daughter.
What started as social media posts directed at her by another student containing cruel meme’s quickly escalated to in-person teasing, isolating the student, mocking and calling her terrible names. Soon a boyfriend was involved and a whole army of students aiding the bully was formed.

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