May 19, 2020

Watford City couple recovering from COVID-19

Watford City couple recovering from COVID-19

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Like many elderly Americans as the coronavirus began to spread across the United States before becoming a pandemic, Gerry and Sandy Transtrom of Watford City took the government’s recommendations of practicing social distancing and wearing protective face masks seriously.
But doing all of the right things didn’t prevent the couple from becoming two of the 15 county residents who have tested positive for COVID-19  as of Friday, May 15.
“We were being really careful,” states 70-year-old Sandy. “When the government made the announcement, we hunkered down.”
Sandy says that she only ventured out of their house once a week for a quick trip to the grocery store, while she says that Gerry only went to the post office or to the gas station.
“I think I got it before Easter when I was putting gas in my car,” states 77-year-old Gerry. “I was wearing my face mask and gloves. But when my card wouldn’t go into the credit card slot at the pump, I took off my gloves to put it in. I’m guessing that is when I picked up the virus.”
The Transtroms say that when the symptoms first started occurring, they blamed it on possibly the flu or arthritis.

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