January 26, 2021

W.C.H.S. to launch School Pantry Program

W.C.H.S. to launch School Pantry Program

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

While you may not think of hunger as a first world issue, it very much is. After an entrepreneurship student at Watford City High School (W.C.H.S.) saw a need for fellow classmates within her school, with approval from the school board and support of her classmates, the decision was made to launch a School Pantry Program at W.C.H.S. that will kick off by March 1.
“You’d be surprised by how many of our kids come to school hungry,” says Jim Green, Watford City High School principal.
When Kalsey Kronberg asked students of her entrepreneurship class to find a need within W.C.H.S. where they could solve a problem, Marion Elliot was a student who was willing to go to any length to identify a real issue within her school.
“We were doing a project called ‘Help My School’ and we were supposed to find a problem within our school. So I decided to go to the big man himself, Mr. Green, and ask him what he thought was a problem. He told me about the food backpack program and I created an outline on what it could be like and then kind of just ran with it,” Elliot says.

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