November 8, 2016

Woman threatens mayor’s family

Farmer Staff Reports

Alice Elnore Olson has been charged with felony terrorizing after threatening the wife and children of Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford, police say.
An affidavit said Sanford reprimanded the 69-year-old Watford City woman during a Watford City City Council meeting on Oct. 3 due to Olson arguing and shouting.
She later went to 511 Sixth St. NE where a child of Sanford’s opened the door, the affidavit said.
Olson said she knew Sanford’s wife Sandra and her roles as the mayor’s wife, with sex offender registry and other organizations in the community, the affidavit said.
Olson also told Sandra Sanford that she believed she and her children “were in danger due to a stranger walking to the house and taking or hurting the children” based on Sandra Sanford’s roles in the city.  
Olson also said “anyone who approached the residence being greeted as she was could take the children and” Sandra Sanford would never see them again.
Olson patted the child at the door on the head while also saying that a hill east to the house “was dangerous.” The affidavit said she told Sandra Sanford that her children “could go near this hill and die, never to return.”

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