June 12, 2019

You reap what you grow in your garden

You reap what you grow in your garden

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Gardening season is finally in full swing for residents of McKenzie County. And whether you are new to the garden scene or have a veteran green thumb, there’s always something to learn to further enhance those beautiful blossoms.
“A lot of successful gardening comes from establishing a sense of balance,” says Tzana McCartney, greenhouse operator. “Many plants have their own type of requirements if they’re going to thrive.”
When it comes to planting a garden, it’s not always easy to know where to begin.
“Something I’d consider after working and living in this area long enough and talking to enough people, it wouldn’t hurt to take a soil sample before you begin anything,” says McCartney.
Even prior to working at the local greenhouse, McCartney says she’s spoken with many local residents who’ve expressed their failed attempts with planting and other things garden-related and they attribute it to the soil quality they were unaware of.
“In certain newer neighborhoods, the removal of topsoil has taken place and that poses some issues for someone who wants to garden,” McCartney says.

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