October 13, 2020

County voters asked to decide fate of Senior Mill Levy

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

If you think that a proposed Senior Mill Levy only affects senior citizens, think again say the proponents of the special measure that will be back on the ballot in the November General Election.
After the Senior Mill Levy was defeated by a 53-47 percent margin in June, local residents of McKenzie County are hoping it will pass this time in the Nov. 3 election.
“The goal is not just for seniors, it’s also to help with public transit needs in the county,” says Mark Honstein, a member of the Williston Council for the Aging.
If the measure is passed, Honstein says that the Senior Mill Levy would generate $155,000 to help provide services for the county’s elderly population.
“Even though it’s only $155,000, that money will be matched by federal and state grants to not double, but triple, the income,” says Honstein.
While many of the services covered under the umbrella of the Senior Mill Levy are geared toward senior citizens, there is still a portion of the funding which benefits other age groups.

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