August 14, 2019

Future looks bright for Alexander Public School

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Alexander Public School which opens its doors for another school year on Thursday, Aug. 15, continues to see a gradual increase of incoming students. And according to Leslie Bieber, superintendent, there’s a lot planned and the future looks bright.
“We’re only up about eight kids for K-12. But that always changes after Labor Day,” says Bieber.
On average, Alexander’s school enrollment has grown 20 - 25 kids per year, but Bieber did not foresee that this year.
“The school is seeing less and less kids come through who are living in campers or from a hotel,” says Bieber. “So that’s good.”
For the first time, Bieber says there’s an extra section for more than one grade level.
“It’s the first time we have two sections in different grades,” says Bieber. “Last year, we had two sections of kindergarten. This year, we’ll have two sections of kindergarten and first grade.”
According to Bieber, Alexander’s preschool count has grown quicker than other grade levels.

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