November 15, 2022

McKenzie County Ag Expo will be ready to hold next year’s fair

McKenzie County Ag Expo will be ready to hold next year’s fair

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

What began as a decades-long dream has become a reality for the many McKenzie County residents who have longed for a new county fairgrounds.
As seen from Hwy 85, the McKenzie County Ag Expo may look complete, but hold your horses because it isn’t finished just yet.
“We’re (the county) still on track with the master schedule for being ready for the county fair in 2023,” says Chris Kubal, McKenzie County Fair Board vice president and president of the McKenzie County Fair Building Committee.
Once construction is complete on the new 212 acre fairgrounds site, it  will feature a 112,000-square foot Ag Expo building, a 15,000-square foot exhibit hall and a 51,000-square foot livestock room.
“Everything has changed so much in a matter of weeks. It’s crazy.” says Kubal.
For as long as anyone can remember, the original McKenzie County Fairgrounds has been a hotspot for all agricultural and livestock affairs to take place. However, after many years of use, the fairgrounds called for a new site altogether and now, a new facility for the Ag Expo Building is coming close to completion.
“Our current (former) fairgrounds is really deteriorating. It’s completely out of date,” says Kubal.

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