February 23, 2021

P&Z commission in uproar over commissioners appointment

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

A decision by the McKenzie County Board of County Commissioners to override the county’s Planning & Zoning Commission’s recommendation as to who should fill an open position on that board boiled over on Feb. 8.
And Jeremy Olson, Planning and Zoning Commission chairman, laid the blame squarely on Kathy Skarda, county commissioner and Planning and Zoning Commission board member.
According to Olson, the commission selected Chris Olheiser as their recommended person to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission, but three county commissioners felt differently and selected Eva Hepper for the position.
“Eva, you’re here because Kathy Skarda undermined this board and lobbied to get her way through a false narrative,” stated Olson. “Kathy, your chosen candidate did not get voted in by this board so you took matters into your own hands. Your actions disrespected the work and decisions by this board and betrayed the trust of this board by creating a false narrative as to why this person should be elevated ahead of Chris.”

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