November 15, 2016

Roffler inducted into the N.D. 4-H Hall of Fame

Roffler inducted into the N.D. 4-H Hall of Fame

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

After over 50 years of service in 4-H, Gwen Roffler was inducted into the North Dakota 4-H Hall of Fame this month. She received her award at the local 4-H banquet on Nov. 5 at the McKenzie County Courthouse.
While Roffler was invited to receive her award at the state 4-H banquet in Fargo the previous week, she opted to forego the big celebration with those she didn’t know, for a local, intimate celebration.
“I just figured I wanted to be with my 4-H family, those who I know and love,” says Roffler.
In order to be considered for the North Dakota 4-H Hall of Fame, one must be with 4-H for 15 years or more. The award is given to honor those who have contributed to the community and have dedicated great efforts as a 4-H leader.
Including her time in 4-H as a participant, starting at age nine, Roffler has spent 63 years filling out record books and showing her work, or the work that she encouraged, at the county fair.
When asked if he participated in 4-H as a kid, Roffler’s son, Jeff, responded with a smile, “Well, I guess I didn’t really have a choice with a mother like mine, did I?”

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