September 20, 2022

STOPit program aims to stop bullying in our schools

STOPit program aims to stop bullying in our schools

Kristen Jones
Farmer Staff Writer

McKenzie County School District No. 1 (MCSD) has introduced an App to students that is aimed at being both a safe way to report incidents, and a safe way to reach out for help. STOPit is an App that allows students to anonymously report any bullying that they experience or see. This App also allows the students to report other incidents directly to the administration at their school and the Student Resource Officers (SROs) assigned to their school.
The STOPit App has been used in a number of districts across the state and has proven to be a successful tool for encouraging a safe school environment. While talking to the principal of Watford City Middle School, Dr. Noelle Green, she explained that while there have always been ways for students to report bullying behavior, those methods were rarely utilized by students because of the fear of being seen by their peers as some kind of “tattle-tale.”

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